Undertaking a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservation Course (CAOHC) can help improve your ability as an Occupation Hearing Conservationist (OHC). The course is essential to enhancing your career, and here is everything you need to know about CAOHC recertification classes and courses.

What Are CAOHC Certification Courses?

CAOHC certification courses offer specialized training to people interested in becoming certified OHC. The courses are monitored by the Council of Accreditation of occupational hearing Conservation. Upon completion, one becomes a certified occupational hearing Conservationist.  To be certified, one has to complete 20 hours of training and attain a passing grade.

What Are the Fundamental Subjects Covered in CAOHC Certification Courses?

The primary areas covered  in a CAOHC certification course include:

  •  Record keeping

  •  Using and rectifying tools

  •  The structure of the ear

  •   Noise measurement and ear protection

  •  Legal requirements

  •   How to conduct hearing tests

What Do Certified OHCs Do?

The essential role of OHC experts is to carry out hearing conservation programs. The programs are meant to protect the hearing capabilities of employees in workplaces with dangerous noise like in the mining and construction industries. In addition, certified OHCs reduce the side effects of hazardous noise, improving workers' safety and productivity.

After How Long Does the CAOHC Certification Expire?

Normally, the CAOHC certification expiration date is after five years from the day you completed the course. You are responsible for renewing your certification upon expiry.

 How Do You Know Whether the Course You Are Attending Is CAOHC Approved?

Approved CAOHC certification courses have a certificate of approval displayed in the course materials. If the certificate is not available, request your course directors for a copy.

 Why Is the CAOHC Certification Course Important to Undertake?

Completing a CAOHC certification course is important for various reasons:

 1.    You learn how to care for and maintain audiometric equipment

Audiometric equipment is used to test sound levels on a worksite. It is essential that you understand how to care for and maintain this equipment to ensure you get accurate results. A better portion of CAOHC certifications courses focuses on how to care for and maintain specific audiometric equipment.

2.    Help you know the limitations of OHC 

Certified OHCs work in areas with potentially damaging noise, and the job has limitations. The CAOHC certification course helps identify these limitations before beginning your career to avoid overstepping.

3.    Improve your monitoring while at work

Effective noise monitoring is essential for an occupational hearing conservationist to help develop ways to enhance sound protection. Undertaking a CAOHC course will help you become better at monitoring various phases of operation that involve damaging noise.

CAOHC recertification classes are essential to advancing your career as an occupational hearing conservationist. To be a certified OHC, you must complete the 20 hours CAOHC course and attain a passing mark. The essential things covered during training include visual ear inspection, how to carry out noise surveys, and audiometric equipment maintenance.

For more information on CAOHC recertification classes, contact a professional near you.