Being a wholesale distributor puts a range of pressures on you and your workers, including needing to have products shipped to your clients on time and offering them prices that are comparable to what other wholesalers charge. If your business is growing and you have an offsite shipping facility that handles a lot of your operations, you may be in need of an overhaul, concerning how you keep track of shipments and inventory.

Tie Everything Together

If you currently deal with separate reports and need to consult with a series of people who are responsible for compiling information, figures may not match up when it is time to compare two sets of information or you could constantly be trying to track down specific figures but aren't too certain who has the information that you need. With a consulting program, you won't need to download any software and will be provided with a platform that can be used for every application within your business and the offsite facility.

For instance, if you currently kept tabs on how much stock you have in the main facility, but there have been occasions in which materials needed to be replenished at the offsite facility and you were not aware until an influx of orders came in, you will finally have a way to keep up with what is going on at both locations. This seamless approach will ensure that your clients receive their wares as promised and they won't have any indication that you are executing shipments from dual locations.

Handle New Projects With Ease

If you have some new projects that are going to begin shortly and want a way to plan, execute, and track the progress of each one, all while seated at your desk, a consulting program can aid you. Forego taking notes and relying on phone calls as your main means of communicating with others and appreciate being able to make changes to an existing order or project or track a shipment in real-time.

The direct approach may reduce paperwork or communication issues within your facility. If other people who have a say in how a project is conducted have access to the consulting program, advise them to check the updates that you furnish them with, simply by logging onto their computer or mobile device and checking the information that you have added to the program. You will be supplied with a messaging feature, which will allow you and your colleagues to communicate effectively with one another.

To learn more, reach out to a company that offers services like NetSuite consulting for wholesale distribution.